You’re Probably Messing Up Your Own Google Analytics

You’re Probably Messing Up Your Own Google Analytics

You’re Probably Messing Up Your Own Google Analytics

You’re Probably Messing Up Your Own Google Analytics

If you visit your own website a lot, those visits could be skewing your analytics results. Here's the truth in English... and a fix.

You’ve spent weeks tweaking your digital marketing. Or, worse, you’ve paid someone else to spend weeks tweaking your digital marketing. You check the analytics regularly and notice not much traffic… except for your own site visits.

It’s normal to visit your website a lot – particularly when it’s new and you want to add new content, edit layouts and, simply, appreciate the design. After all, you take great pride in your business.

The problem is, Google counts ALL visits as traffic and those patterns are logged in your Google Analytics Dashboard. That means all that amazing, engaged traffic could just be YOU noodling around your website. Your visits are probably wreaking havoc on your analytics data.

But there’s a way to opt out of analytics when visiting your own site.

There’s a handy Chrome Extension called “Google Analytics Opt Out Add On” (link at the end of this post) you can install and configure to ignore all visits to websites whose analytics you don’t want to influence with your own visits.

Here are a few things to remember when using the Google Analytics Opt Out extension. You must:

Use only the Chrome Browser
The extension only works in the Chrome Browser. If you tend to bounce around between Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Firefox. you’ll want to make sure you limit your visits to Chrome.

Be logged in to your Google Account
Of course, if you’re logged in to a Google Account that doesn’t have the extension installed or you’re logged in as a guest or incognito, your visits will be logged as if they were organic traffic.

Don’t opt out of all Google Analytics
You should list the websites from which you’d like to opt out. That’s because, you want site administrators, such as yourself, to see your visits (they’re dis-identified and are not associated with you specifically.

If you need help installing, interpreting or optimizing Google Analytics, give DecemberPress a shout.

Google Analytics Opt Out Add On

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