Why You Should Tweet

Why You Should Tweet

Why You Should Tweet

Why You Should Tweet

There’s another reason to use that Twitter account.

Google publishes tweets in its search results. Hear that? That’s not the case with Facebook, Instagram or any other social media platform.

Google Search with Twitter Integration
Google Search, now integrated with Twitter on iOS and Android.

Twitter is a microblogging platform that launched in 2005. The service allows users to create short-form text, photo and video content of 280 text characters or less.

The development is an indication that the world is increasingly using Twitter as a primary news source.

Currently, the Twitter/Google Search integration is limited only to Mobile on iOS and Android (English only). Desktop integration is planned, according to Google.

It’s easy to understand why Google wants Twitter posts to display in search. More and more, Google users are searching for current events as they happen. It’s unreasonable to expect a blog such as CNN or Huffington Post to generate content as quickly as an on-location Twitter user.

That’s bad news for “professional” journalists, who will be competing even more with hundreds of millions of Twitter users who are capable of reporting news events anywhere.

Incorporating Twitter into the search results will keep more people on Google – at least in the short run.

This will create a big boost for Twitter, too. As more and more Google users identify the value of the Twitter content they discover while searching, they may start using the service directly. Twitter may also become more “authoritative” as a result of Google’s adoption of their feed into search.

For bloggers, it just stresses the growing relevance and legitimacy of social media as a source for serious news.

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