Visualize Your Reader

Visualize Your Reader

Visualize Your Reader

Visualize Your Reader

Woman reading DecemberPress BlogWhen you sit down to write your blog posts, do you think of your audience?

Right now, I’m imagining you reading this on a tablet. I’m imagining you standing on a street corner mid-commute while skimming through these words. You:

  • are a  woman
  • have blond hair
  • are about 35
  • are a professional
  • are curious
  • like to exercise
  • are entrepreneurial
  • want to know more about digital marketing

I’m probably wrong about most of these facts. But that’s okay because writing a blog isn’t about being clairvoyant. It’s about getting personal; getting focused on the reader.  So, if you’re a bald 50-year-old man who hates running, sorry… but it really shouldn’t matter to you. What matters is that it’s personal. I’m writing to one person. You.

Imagining a person – a real, live individual – reading this blog post makes it a lot easier to write in an interesting, friendly tone. And writing to YOU, rather than all of you, helps me get out of my business head and into your open receptive mind.

If I think of all of you, my writing becomes generic. Isn’t that the definition of generic (relating to a class or group, rather than a specific)? Generic writing is the worst kind of writing. If it’s written to everyone, it’s really written to nobody.

If I’m successful at this, you’ll feel as though we’re having an intimate conversation about something you’re fascinated by; something I’m dying to tell you and only you.

  1. Write with an individual reader in mind.
  2. Be as specific as possible in your imagination of that reader.
  3. Who would be the perfect customer for your business? Write to that person.

If you don’t have a specific reader in mind and you just can’t imagine who that person is, do some research. Read some blogs. Here’s a hint: read the comments on the best blog posts in your subject area and you’ll start to identify characteristics of those engaged readers.

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