CAPTCHA Explained

three captcha logos

CAPTCHA EXPLAINED: Why must we identify a traffic light when we visit a website? We explain CAPTCHA and Re-CAPTCHA and what it all means.

Gutenberg Is Here

keyboard, pencils and food

Websites work best when the tools of design disappear, allowing your message, product or service to be the focus of your visitor’s attention.

Mobile-Friendly Is Now Required

Google is sending letters to webmasters who manage non-mobile-friendly websites warning them that their search rankings are about to be demoted. The search engine giant has informed thousands of Google Webmaster Tools account holders that, if they continue to manage websites that fail to offer a user-friendly mobile experience, their pages will not be served […]

DecemberPress Websites Rank Higher, Faster

It’s certainly not a definitive test, but it was interesting to see that, when I entered the URLs of three DecemberPress-designed websites into, a search engine optimization ranking site, all three sites scored significantly higher than the other most recent URLs entered by random visitors. What does that mean? It means that a […]

How About A More Responsive Web?

A year ago, I thought the “real” web was dead. I believed consumers were flocking to their tablets and apps, abandoning the clumsy web as a quaint and archaic footnote to internet history. I feared consumers would prefer to use a slick app rather than search the gritty internet. Drunkards could solve bar bets with the […]