The HIPAA E-Tool

The HIPAA E-Tool Website

The Client

The HIPAA E-Tool is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product developed by attorneys who saw the need for clear and actionable healthcare privacy management for the thousands of providers across the country.

The Challenge

Create a new website that will encourage visitors to schedule a software demonstration or subscribe to the weekly blogs

The Solution

A highly visual, animated homepage that appeals to many healthcare sectors. The site hosts two blogs — one that informs with high-level regulatory information, and another that offers cautionary “HIPAA Horror Stories” that also entertain and increase engagement.


  • Two Blogs That Entertain And Inform
    • visitors are engaged by learning and reading for pleasure with short, weekly posts (less than three-minute reads
  • Animated Banner Slider
    • the homepage images represent a large cross section of HIPAA-regulated industry sectors in a very small, top-level spot on the site
  • Simple Calls-To-Action
    • demonstration requests and blog subscription forms appear conveniently, yet unobtrusively, on every page.


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