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If you own a small business, you’re probably used to doing everything for yourself. We understand. And we can help. That’s why we only work with small businesses and startups. 

We understand that you need a return on your digital marketing and web design investment that far exceeds your costs. 

Our services are designed to deliver just that – a great ROI.

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We help you find leads that convert to paying customers

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Web design Services

web design and content services

Think about the last restaurant you visited. Or the camp you signed your kid up for. What about the last online purchase you made?

It all starts with a web search. People hit “search” billions of times each day, hoping to find exactly what they’re looking for. 

To be an effective tool, your website must inspire confidence. At DecemberPress, we talk about a “digital sales cycle” that includes six must-have qualities.

An Effective Business Website Must:

Right now, there are hundreds of people in need of your product, service, or expertise. They’re searching for you on Google and Bing.

Your website must be designed for search engines and visitors. The right keywords are just the beginning. 

You also need proper coding, optimized content, and a design that allows search engines to identify your website as the best quality experience to serve visitors.

After all, Google is a tool that only delights its customers if it satisfies its visitors.

It’s one thing to build a beautiful website. It’s quite another thing to deliver that beauty to a visitor in under three seconds. 

Slow-loading web pages not only get punished by Google, they anger customers. You wouldn’t put obstacles in front of your shop door. Why do the same to your website visitors?

First impression matter. Just like a beautifully designed menu or a lovely sign helps present your business in the best light, a well-designed website makes a powerful statement. 

In fact, if your website is less-than-wonderful, it might be doing more harm than good.

We all want to do business with people we trust. But how do we generate that trust? And how do we speed up that trust process? 

A website’s colors, fonts, user experience, and user flow mesh with your business’s unique value proposition to break down conversion resistance so you can turn visitors into customers.

We all want to convert visitors into customers. If we’ve done everything well, your calls-to-action will be rewarded. 

Do you want subscribers? Likes? Orders? A good website should convert raw search traffic into qualified customers. And it should do that 24/7/365 without phone calls or text messages.

Businesses are rarely single transactions. Even if you run a gas station in a tourist town, customers who’ve had good experiences remember, share, and return. 

But a good website can also reach out to visitors again and again. Put your website to work collecting visitor data, building an email list, and automating follow-ups.

Digital marketing services

digital marketing services

Now, you’ve got your beautiful small business website up and running. 

You could (and should) share it on LinkedIn, your Facebook Business Page, and Instagram. But how do you expand your reach beyond your own network?

The most successful websites create engaging content that’s irresistible to search engines. 

Your content strategy should include articles, video and even audio – all of which can be embedded into your website to be easily found by potential customers.

Give your content efforts a boost with a paid Google Ads or Facebook Ads campaign. An effective, well-run online advertising program can help put you at the top of the search results.

A Search Engine-Friendly Website Must:

Sometimes being very close to your business is a problem in marketing. You know so much that you’ve forgotten your visitors don’t know the exact vocabulary as the industry insiders do.

How does someone with no experience with your product or service find you? What would they type into the Google search box?

There are at least 10 ways to word any search. Some people use single words. Some people ask Google questions in the form of complete sentences. 

What are the common misspellings in your industry? What are the words that you DON’T want triggering a visit?

Good keyword research is an ongoing experiment that pays huge rewards.


For every online search, there are literally millions of “relevant” results. How does Google sort through those millions of options in deciding which one to serve first?

All search engines use “algorithms” to identify the most relevant content for a given search. Some searches are location-based. Some are time-based. Some searches are quality-based.

An algorithm uses a searcher’s location, words, search history, and known personal information to deliver what it thinks is the best of the millions of pages, in order from most to least relevant.

Understanding how both search engines and their users behave during the search process is important to being found online.

A Search Engine Optimized website is tuned to be delivered to the right visitors every time.

There’s a lot of competition out there. The internet has turned a handful of your local competitors into a world of competition.

That doesn’t mean you should give up. Today, there are no purely “local” businesses. Your reach is unlimited. 

But to overcome the competition, you can pay a little to get your message in front of millions of eyes, even if you haven’t yet earned a coveted spot in the top search results.

Google allow you to create and place ads that are relevant to searchers. You’ll get granular control over who sees your ads, where they’re seen, and how often they appear. Best of all, you don’t pay a penny until someone clicks on your ad!

Facebook has a similar advertising program for its billions of members.

DecemberPress can set up an online advertising program for you, based on your budget and your goals.

Think about your last website visit. Perhaps you searched for a restaurant. Maybe you needed an emergency plumber or a locksmith. Whatever you needed, it was content that gave you the answer.

We like to do business with people who are leaders in their fields. People with a passion for what they do are a joy to work with because solving your problem is their life’s passion.

Identifying those passionate people online is easy. Is their expertise demonstrated on their website? Do they have video and images of their work? How about positive reviews? Do they share their knowledge generously through a blog, YouTube channel or podcast?

DecemberPress can help you create a content strategy that’s easy to manage and attractive to the right visitors – visitor who buy from you and share their experiences, expanding your network.

A “sales cycle” is the measure of how fast visitors become customers. 

A “sales funnel” is the series of steps it takes for a lead to become a paying customer. 

Take the time to understand how visitors behave in your industry and your particular business. A restaurant, for instance, may have a short sales cycle  – just take a look at the hours and the menu and make a reservation. 

But a visitor searching for an automobile may need more steps to build trust, narrow down options, arrange financing, and assess their trade-in. 

At DecemberPress, we look closely at your industry and customers. We work to understand how they move through your sales cycle.

Did we make up that word? To “prespond” means anticipating a visitor’s questions and reaching out at the right time, with the perfect content. 

We can create automated email messages triggered based on visitor behaviors. If a customer is interested, for instance, in lawn care, we can deliver targeted emails with timely reminders of your lawn care services long after they close their browser session. ‘

website maintenance services

Web hosting, care and maintenance plan services

Maintaining your investment is very easy with DecemberPress. We offer simple monthly hosting and maintenance plans to meet every client’s website needs. 

Great hosting means your pages are served up fast on all devices – phones, tablets, and desktop screens. And the sites have excellent uptime.

We take website security seriously. All of our plans feature malware protection and removal. Secure backups are scheduled and on-demand. 

All sites are encrypted with Secure Socket Layer protection giving your visitors confidence that their information will be protected from hackers and identity thieves.

A Well-Maintained Website Must:

Have you ever noticed that little symbol in the address bar of your browser? It’s a padlock. Sometimes it’s green? Sometimes there’s no lock symbol at all.

That lock is a sign the website you’re visiting is secure. When you complete a form on a secure website and press “send,” the information gets “encrypted” or “scrambled” in a way that only the recipient’s browser can understand.

That little lock also proves the site is the authentic website of the business you’re visiting and not some fake “phishing” site.

At DecemberPress, we provide full Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protection for every website we host.

Malware and hackers are an unfortunate and permanent part of the internet. But that doesn’t mean your website must be a target. 

Every DecemberPress-hosted website features malware protection and regular security scans. If there’s a problem, we’ll fix it. Fast.

Best practices include a reliable, scheduled backup plan. Al of your website files and data are backed up regularly. 

Our care plans include software updates. Before we perform an update, we create a backup. 

If there’s. a problem with an update, we can quickly roll back the site and sort out the problem in seconds.

Unlike a printed brochure, your website is a living document. Google rewards site changes and additional information. Go in there and swap images, add text, change colors. 

Each DecemberPress Care Plan includes development time. If you need to change a photo or add some text, it’s included every month.

If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, you’ll love how easy it is to jump in and edit or add new content.

We offer full training as part of every website build, but we’re here to help, if you need a little extra assistance.