The Warrior Hotel

The Warrior Hotel

Hospitality developer Restoration St. Louis and its design partner, Arcturis, needed their design ideas transformed into a usable, accessible hotel website. They reached out to DecemberPress to turn an image into a working website.

The Challenge

The goal of a hotel website is to facilitate fast, flawless bookings. Compelling content such as image galleries, descriptive text and smartly laid-out amenities compel site visitors to “book now.” That call-to-action needed to always be within easy reach.

The Solution

DecemberPress was able to create a website featuring a “book now” button that travels, unobtrusively, with the visitor – always in the visual field and ready to accept a booking.


Static “book now” button that scrolls with the visitor
Surprising and beautiful elements increase visitor engagement.

Unique drop-down content that declutters the site, yet provides plenty of useful content
On small screens, real estate is valuable. We replace the text navigation menu with a user-friendly, small graphic icon that opens a drop-down or pop-up menu.

Lean, mobile responsive presentation that looks great on any device
More and more visitors use mobile devices to access your website. Give them great experience no matter which screen they choose.

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