Clarity Financial Planners

Clarity Financial Planners

Clarity Financial Planners is a woman-owned financial advisory firm dedicated to empowering clients to achieve a brighter future.

The Challenge

Management wanted a visual tool to explain their services and inspire the community to see money as a tool to protect their lifestyles and those of their dependents. A website that pre-qualifies potential clients was needed with the goal of shortening the onboarding cycle and ensuring a great fit.

The Solution

The name “Clarity Financial Planners” evokes uncomplicated views of financial security and crystalline ideas about a direct path to get there. Using strong imagery, DecemberPress placed a vision of clarity on the very top of the home page. The firm’s many impressive credentials, calls-to-action and intuitive navigation make the website compelling and memorable.


Clarity Financial Planners’ website features include stunning visuals that communicate the goal of Clarity Financial Planners: to illuminate a path toward financial well-being and demonstrate that a professional advisor will be there every step of the way.

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