Center For Mindfulness & CBT

Center For Mindfulness & CBT

The Center for Mindfulness & CBT is a full-service counseling center focusing on mindful meditation training, individual and group mental health therapy. When the Center decided it was time for a website redesign, DecemberPress built an easy-to-manage site to promote its blog, courses and individual clinicians.

The Challenge

The Center for Mindfulness & CBT wanted to put its many courses and therapy groups front-and-center for maximum marketing impact.

The Solution

DecemberPress created a site highlighting the Center’s offerings on the homepage with hyperlinks to more detailed pages. Visitors can register for courses, groups and make inquiries into therapy and prescription drug services.


Dynamic “featured clinician” tool automatically pulls content from the team member profiles, formats and presents a punchy, attractive message on the homepage.

Email marketing integration helps build the Center’s email list for deeper engagement through automatic subscriptions and content delivery.

New courses and groups can be created by practice administrators for fast content publishing – which means more registrations.

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