How To Write A Blog Post

How To Write A Blog Post

How To Write A Blog Post

How To Write A Blog Post

1. Log in to your DecemberPress website

DecemberPress Login
Type your website address followed by “/wp-admin” to access your login screen.

You access your blog by logging in to your DecemberPress website and adding “/wp-admin” to the end of your web address ( Enter your username and password. If you’ve forgotten these items, click the “lost your password?” link.

2. Start A New Post From The Admin Bar

How to begin a new post
From the black Admin Bar, hover over “+ New” and click “post” from the drop-down menu.

Once you’ve logged in successfully, you’ll notice a black bar across the top of your site. On the left side, there’s a section that reads “+ New.” ¬†Hover over it and a drop-down menu will appear. Click “Post” and a suite of editing tools will open up. It will look and function like any word processing program.

3. Write and Edit Your New Post

Blog writing and editing tools

Use the editing tools to write your blog post. Or you can write your text into a word processor or email, then copy and paste it into the blog editor.

After you’ve written your post, decide which lines or words you’d like to display as headers (such as the bold, large lines of text above the images in this blog post). Highlight those lines and click the formatting drop-down menu to select which style you’d like to apply. Never use “Headline 1,” however. That’s because you can only use one of those per page and I’ve already used one for the title of your blog, which you will create and insert in the top space before writing your blog. This blog post is titled “How To Write A Blog Post.” You can use as many of the other Headline styles as you like.

Here’s a quick rundown of the styles you should understand and use in your posts:

That’s the common text in your blog post. It’s the most basic level of formatting. It’s also the default, so you don’t need to select it. Just write.

Use this format style to identify an street address. Using “address” will indicate to your visitor’s computer browser that the section contains geographic information and your post will be more searchable and findable.

Jane Doe
100 Address Style Lane
Springfield, IL 00000


The preformatted style is designed to allow technical writers to write about computer code without that code being executed in the process. You can pretty much ignore this style, unless you blog about computer programming and coding.

Heading 1

This is the top-level headline and should never be used by bloggers. That’s because the title of your post will be the top-level headline. If you have more than one “Headline 1,” the search engines will think you’re trying too hard to show that your subject is important.

Heading 2

Use Heading 2’s sparingly. The best practice is to use them only on your most important section headers.

Heading 3

Use Heading 3’s for important section headers and feel free to use them liberally.

Heading 4

You probably won’t ever need the Heading 4 style, but if your post has many subsections, consider using it.

Heading 5

I’ve never used a Heading 5. Ever. I’m sure somebody has. Okay. I just used one for the heading over this line.

Heading 6

I don’t even know why Heading 6 ¬†exists. It’s a very granular-level heading. But it’s there and if you can use it, go for it.

Applying headings is better for your search engine optimization than using “bold” and “italic.” That’s because Google and Bing and all the other search engines are looking for “semantic” meaning behind the structure of your blog post. In other words, there should be a natural, sensible flow to your writing. Using the right tool for the right purpose is rewarded on the web. Never bold a headline. And never try to create a headline within a paragraph. It just doesn’t make sense and it will look awkward.

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