Getting New Customers SEO site image is an online Search Engine Optimization ranking tool that “scores” searchability.

No matter how “high-authority” your message is, your efforts are wasted if you can’t be found. The principles of good writing haven’t changed since before the web. But there is an added element: “keywords.” The proper research, selection, and placement of keywords into your web writing will help your site “rank” with search engines such as GoogleBingYahoo and Ask.

Keywords are simply the words your potential website visitor uses to help find you. When potential visitor searches, she’s simply entering keywords into a search bar. The more relevant your keywords, the more likely that your website will be the one to pop up when the she hits “search.”

Those four top search engines represent about 95 percent of all internet search. Chances are, if you please these search engines, you’ll find your audience.

A lot has been said about algorithms and “on-page search engine optimization.” That’s important… to an extent. But, did you know that there’s a simple and much more effective way to connect with potential customers? It’s all about generating valuable content that changes regularly. In other words, your website should contain fresh, dynamic stuff to read, hear, watch and interact with.

Be genuine and be found

The trend in search engine development is to PUNISH websites that try to “game” the system. What the search engines want is meaningful, legitimate content. If Google thinks you’re trying to trick people into finding you, your site might be removed from its index… which is, basically, banishing you from the internet.

The best way to find your audience is to be relevant. And being relevant means:

Regularly produce fresh dynamic content

Design your website for all users

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