Gutenberg Is Here

Gutenberg Is Here

Gutenberg Is Here

Gutenberg Is Here

Websites work best when the tools of design disappear, allowing your message, product or service to be the focus of your visitor’s attention.

Most people don’t want to manage a website. That’s why the Gutenberg Editor is a game-changer.

WordPress knows the point of the web is not to think about blog posts, social media, and web design. The web is about making the tools of the web disappear allowing your message, product or service to be the focus of your visitor’s attention.

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Control the look and feel of your blog posts with the new Gutenberg Editor

With the new Gutenberg Editor, it’s easy to create your own, beautifully formatted posts and pages. Gutenberg gives you a lot more control over the formatting of your words and images (and audio and video).

Business websites are here to stay and, fortunately, they’re becoming easier to maintain. That doesn’t mean you need to do it all yourself, but if you’re so inclined, the tools exist to self direct. Several years ago, I wrote a post titled “How To Write A Blog Post.” Now, after five years, that post is pretty much obsolete, thanks to Gutenberg.

And that’s a good thing. Because, if I needed to write a blog post about how to write a blog post, something must be wrong with the tools we’re using to blog.

Gutenberg, at this moment, is purely a page and post editor. It’s not going to help you with your homepage, header, footer and sidebar designs. You’ll still need professional design tools or a nice theme to generate those visual elements.

But that may change one day, as the Gutenberg editor evolves. Many in the WordPress community are saying that the new tool will eventually be capable of designing the entire website. Others say that Gutenberg will eventually be applied to competing Content Management Systems, such as Joomla and Drupal. Why not? Every website needs an editing tool. Gutenberg is way easier than the Classic Editor, a version of which dominates every content management system on the market.

The new Gutenberg Editor reimagines content, breaking the post (or page) into “blocks” that can be easily dragged around. Applying unique formatting, like this, is easier, too.

Choosing background and text colors is easier with Gutenberg’s Block controls. The new editor will even warn you if the color combination will be difficult for visitors to read.

You can even divide your content into two columns, like I’ve done here (not visible on small screens).

Making lists, inserting forms, editing HTML.. it’s all easier with Gutenberg.

If you’re interested in learning more about Gutenberg and, eventually, taking on your own post/page design responsibilities, give us a holler.

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