Gifted Arts

Gifted Arts Website

The Client

Educational program, Gifted Arts, serves students who show exceptional talent in writing and visual arts. The program has been around for more than 20 years, with a loyal following and generations of students, many of whom grew up to become professional writers and artists.

The Challenge

With a new affiliation with Saint Louis University, a website redesign was requested to refresh the user experience and apply new branding assets. St. Louis designer and SLU design faculty member Martin Brief and his graphic arts students designed the website in Photoshop, handing it off to DecemberPress to convert their artistic vision into a functional business on the web.

The Solution

DecemberPress generated a fast-loading, pixel-perfect website on-time and on-budget. The site includes eCommerce and a payment gateway with numerous courses and options to generate revenue and a pleasant, fast registration process.


Integrated eCommerce
Visitors can register for courses, providing all required information; payments are accepted by credit card or ACH

SSL Site Security
Every element on the page is encrypted to protect the visitor

Full-Width Design
The website fills the entire screen on any device


DecemberPress is a St. Louis, Missouri-based full-service digital marketing agency offering web design, content strategy, and pay-per-click services. We offer web hosting and maintenance for small business and startups.


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