Blogging Challenge 2020

Howard Lerner

Howard Lerner

Blogging Challenge 2020

Blogging Challenge 2020

Blogging Challenge 2020

You have the power to build an audience, engage your visitors and demonstrate your authority. I challenge you, in this new year, to share your expertise and cultivate a real following.

I promise, you will be rewarded.

We live in an incredible moment when the tools of influence are free and always at hand. If you own a smartphone, you own:

a publishing company
・a video production studio
・an audio broadcast channel

Add social media and a free Mailchimp account, and you have the power to promote your message to an audience of millions.

In generations past, brands, celebrities, spiritual figures and politicians only dreamed of a medium with the reach of a simple blog. And had they imagined such a tool, they would also imagine an incalculable price tag.

Think about it. How much did Pampers manufacturer Procter & Gamble spend to broadcast its message of ultimate absorbency to generations of consumers?

They spent billions.

What’s more, with every expensive commercial produced, Procter & Gamble knew its message was lost on most viewers. After all, what percentage of people watching a particular televised diaper commercial are actually thinking about diapers?

A tiny, tiny fraction.

That’s why they call it a “broadcast medium” It’s a shotgun of fantastically expensive, inefficient messaging.

Your blog is a “narrowcast.” It’s only visible to those actively searching for your specific message. Get that content right, and you’re on the way to generating lots of enthusiastic consumers and qualified leads.

What’s a qualified lead? It’s a sales prospect who has been pre-educated with the help of your blog post.

A qualified lead is deeper into the sales funnel – further along the purchase decision cycle – than someone who just knocks on your door or calls your phone number. They’ve had the opportunity to read your blog; they’re already aware of your experience, value and commitment to your field.

And, unlike those diaper commercials, it’s all free.

Think of a blog like the Sun in your content solar system. Everything you do to promote your business revolves around that bright ball of content.

All of your social media posts and email marketing efforts should revolve around your blog.

Your Google and Facebook pay-per-click ad campaigns should revolve around your blog.

Your website should revolve around your blog.

Your blog is the center of your content universe. It give your business light and life. It serves as a bright beacon with powerful gravity for all who search your subject.

And your blog is yours. You own it. Forever.

Owning your own content is important. Some people post directly to Facebook, Medium or LinkedIn. That’s could be a mistake. After all, who’s receiving the value of each visitor?

When you build your own blog, you’re building your own brand equity. Use social media to promote your content, driving visitors to your property. You never know when Facebook will change its terms of service, for instance, and remove or hide your content.

It’s been said that the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, and the second-best time is today. The same goes for creating blog content on the subject of your expertise.

It will start out slow. It will be slow for a while – just like growing a tree.

Don’t worry if it feels like nobody is reading, watching or listening. After all, you just started. This blog has thousands of subscribers, but I started with none.

Here’s an idea: open your list of contacts. Open Facebook and your Instagram. Scan your connections on LinkedIn. Right now, you probably have hundreds of potential subscribers who will like, comment and, most importantly, share your posts.

Commit to publishing twice a week. I know that sounds like a lot, but with a little planning, you can have plenty of posts lined up and ready to go.

Now is the time to commit to developing new content. This is the time to build your audience.

Not sure now to start? Need some help? We can help.

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