Be The Best In The World.

Be The Best In The World.

Be The Best In The World.

Be The Best In The World.

How Do You Make Search Work For Your Small Business?

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So Much Better Than McDonald’s

As a business owner with a website, you need to understand that pleasing the search engines is the key to being found by visitors who are ready to become customers. And pleasing Google is about helping Google serve up the most relevant information to visitors. But with billions of web pages out there being searched by Google, how are you ever going to be found?

If you remember one thing about Google, you will be way ahead of the competition. And that one thing is at the heart of Search Engine Optimization. It’s a question that every website owner needs to ask themselves every day:

What is my business the best in the world at doing?

Answering that question will help ┬ácut through the clutter of billions of global web pages and focus your web efforts. A lot of my clients are small businesses such as burger joint, in my neighborhood. Are they the best burger place in the world? Probably not. But asking Google “what is the best hamburger in the world?” is way too broad and will deliver irrelevant results if you’re searching for somewhere to eat right now. Because, even if you make the best burger in the world, you’re probably not going to get customers from France, if you’re located in Clayton, Missouri.

How do you define your world?

What that burger place needs to focus on – needs to ask themselves every day – is “what are they truly the best in the world at doing?” And the answer is probably this: “We make the world’s best local burger.”

That may seem silly. Perhaps the burger place is the only burger place in the neighborhood. But that’s exactly why it’s important to ask the question. Because Google is obsessed with relevancy. So, it’s irrelevant to try to be the burger restaurant in the world, but it’s totally reasonable IN THE WORLD OF GOOGLE to be the best burger restaurant in the neighborhood. And if you can show that you are the best in ANY WAY, Google will reward you.

In the world of Google, Bing, and Yahoo, local has a distinct advantage. Local businesses are seen as authorities in their respective communities. Local results automatically rank higher.While large businesses have brand identification, that identification is not necessarily a positive.

Example: Everybody knows three things about McDonalds restaurants:

  1. McDonald’s sells more hamburgers than anyone else in the world.
  2. McDonald’s hamburgers are not the best tasting burgers in the world.
  3. The local, independent burger joint certainly sells tastier burgers than McDonalds.

Basically, a small, local burger restaurant only needs to be known to customers. The knowledge that an independent burger restaurant is better than McDonald’s is already there. That work has already been done for you… by McDonald’s and their terrible tasting food. When someone searches for hamburgers in your town or neighborhood or zip code (typical search: hamburgers 63105) your business just needs to be seen and the world will know there’s a better place to get a burger than McDonald’s. So, maintaining a decent, clean and updated website will allow that restaurant to compete with McDonald’s on a local level – which is ultimately where business is done.

Contact DecemberPress and start showing the world that you’re the best.

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