50-Headline Blog Challenge

50-Headline Blog Challenge

50-Headline Blog Challenge

50-Headline Blog Challenge

50 HeadlinesHaving difficulty generating blog post ideas? This a guaranteed strategy.

A key predictor of website success by any measure (sales, clicks, subscriptions, lead generations…) is consistent  content creation. And the most effective way to create content is through blogging.

By “content creation,” I don’t mean reposting to Facebook a link to an article you read. I mean writing an original article, publishing an eBook, posting your own video or infographic. While it’s important to interact with social media and it’s essential to read and comment on other people’s posts (very important), you must create your own content. We, as website owners, are responsible for two major tasks: content creation and content curatorship.

Content curatorship is our ability to identify, interact with, and share content we did not create. It’s what occupies most of our time when we’re on the web. It’s liking, plus-ing, re-tweeting, pinning, commenting, and recommending.

Content Creation is the difficult part. I’m doing it right now and, I can tell you for sure, it’s a lot more challenging and humbling than reading someone else’s article or watching a video. But I do it because I have something original to say.

But what if you don’t have anything to say?

You do. You just haven’t identified it yet.

I recently attended a great talk by Jennifer Bourn, creative director at Bourn Creative (link at the end). Bourn was describing her workflow and mentioned how easy it is to generate blog topics. Easy? If clients have one complaint,it’s about the difficulty of coming up with blog post ideas. So any strategy that helps generate topics is worth examining.

Bourn suggests a brilliant process that is 100 percent successful  in generating MANY blog post ideas. Good ones. She called it here “50-Headline Challenge” (or something like that).

  1. Pick a general theme
  2. Write 50 potential headlines for theme-related blog posts
  3. Don’t stop until you reach 50 headlines

When you are finished, you’ll have a bunch of good ideas for blog posts. Select the good ones and write them on your calendar. You can also pre-write them and save them as drafts to publish later.

Simple, huh?

Here’s the list I generated today using the word “blog” as a general theme :

  1. Blog basics
  2. WordPress blogging strategies
  3. Blogging themes
  4. CSS basics
  5. PHP basics
  6. HTML basics
  7. How to blog
  8. How not to blog
  9. How to blog without an internet connection
  10. How to blog without words
  11. How to generate blog ideas
  12. Blogging superstars
  13. Blogging tactics
  14. The best time to blog
  15. Is anyone reading my blog?
  16. How to generate blog comments
  17. How to write effective comments
  18. How to select a blog topic
  19. How to feel productive
  20. How not to feel unproductive
  21. Top ten blogs
  22. Five steps to blogging success
  23. Biggest blogging mistakes
  24. The best blog post I ever wrote
  25. The worst blog post I ever wrote
  26. How to provoke comments
  27. How to become a famous blogger
  28. How to blog on an smartphone
  29. Get five new blog subscribers today
  30. How to attribute blog content
  31. How to update a blog post
  32. How to recycle content
  33. Promote your blog posts with social media
  34. Use social media to find blog ideas
  35. How to make money with your blog
  36. How to add a donation button to your blog
  37. How to sell blog posts
  38. How to buy blog posts
  39. 30-day blogging challenge
  40. Why blog every day?
  41. Can you blog too much?
  42. How to identify a blog niche
  43. Blogs + eCommerce
  44. Keyword stuffing
  45. Blogging and Google+
  46. Blogging inspiration
  47. Blogging motivation
  48. Blogging organizations
  49. WordPress vs. Blogger
  50. The anatomy of a good blog post


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